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I Am Jazz - A Family In Transition - Part 1 of 3

I’m about to watch this documentary about a little girl named Jazz who was born in a male body and has spent a good part of her 11 years living as a girl. I saw clips of her talking to Rosie O’Donnell and Barbara Walters and I can’t wait to see the whole thing. Her mom seems like a wonderful person, and it’s so fantastic to see parents being so supportive of a trans child. :) I wish I’d had the strength to be more like this kid. :)

You can find the other two parts linked below. Enjoy!

I Am Jazz - A Family In Transition - Part 2 of 3


I Am Jazz - A Family In Transition - Part 3 of 3




Hey Tumblr, if you’re poor, under-or-unemployed, and/or uninsured, you can probably get free drugs directly from the manufacturers.

Yeah, free. Like seriously all you pay for is maybe the doctor/nurse visit you’ll probably need to go to for the prescription.

The basics,…

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“Sandy” had a common experience: She is a 35 year-old transgender woman from Mexico who arrived in the United States in her twenties. In her hometown, she had been ridiculed for her gender identity, and she was beaten and severely bullied most of her life. Like many of her peers, Sandy dreamed of a life where she would be safe and accepted, and she looked for that life in New York City.

Once she was in New York, Sandy suffered an abusive arrest for prostitution and sought our help. As she talked about her immigration experience, it became clear she was a survivor of human trafficking. In Mexico, she had been unsure about how she could move to the United States with little money and no family support. Ultimately, she was approached by an older man, seduced, and brought to New York City, supposedly, to be his girlfriend. But once they were in New York, he quickly used violence and threats to force her into prostitution, and he took the money she earned. She escaped after a year of this sustained abuse. As is typical for many trafficked persons, Sandy was reluctant to tell us her story, as she was convinced we would not believe her…

Lack of social power and political voice make immigrant trans women of color vulnerable to police violence in a city where police violence is rampant. Trans women sex workers, and transwomen incorrectly profiled as sex workers, have likely been improperly arrested at some point in their lives. In this context, there is no opportunity for law enforcement and victim to have a discussion about her life. There is no common ground or trust. Even though the police are supposed to come to the aid of crime victims, these victims are rendered so invisible by bias and discrimination that they have no chance of being identified.