Rage. Probably political rage. Maybe just personal rage. Lots of sarcasm and cynicism. Also pretty pictures.

It’s also laughable how very few people realize how beneficial recessions are for companies. We know for a fact that after a small loss, they always rebound to higher profits, record profits in many cases.

But it gives the company reasons to lay people off regularly, justifies taking things like health care benefits and retirement pensions, vacation days, sick days, etc.

Which, of course, in turn creates a work force that does 3 times as much work for half of the pay they deserve. Pay raise freezes, budget cuts, etc. Corporations don’t WANT the recession to be over. The work force has more options, they have to pay more for talented, hard working employees, they have to spend more in operating costs.

It’s funny that so few point out the truth about recessions in America and how much the corporations embrace them and use them to increase the bottom line and to cut its work force while the remaining employees generally have to take up the slack of those missing workers and do the job of 2 or 3 people.

THAT is what happens. It’s not, ‘Oh, Verizon just decided one day that they no longer need 1,7000 employees.’ This is opportunity for higher profits, folks. It’s depressing that so few people seem to get the very basics of corporation operations, opportunity and the recession.

Layoffs like these scare the remaining employees who are more than willing to take on the additional duties if it means they get to keep their job. So you work twice as hard, still make the same miserable pay and the company skips off into the sunset with (again) record profits for the quarter.

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Brittany and I were just talking about this one the phone earlier. You know how to keep labor cheap, how to get away with not paying your workers shit and cutting their benefits?

Keep them scared, make sure there aren’t many other options out there.

And hell, while we’re at it, diminish the power of unions and the workers and trick them into voting for politicians that make laws that make the above shit easier to pull off.

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I read some of the other comments that gloomdoom has made, and a number of them are quite beyond cynical and I didn’t agree with all of them, however, a good point is made here. We keep seeing this over and over again with large corporations that are making high to record profits these past months, couple years - bonuses to the CEOs and top execs concurrent with extreme job cuts into the thousands. Rather than increasing the wages of the employees or offering better benefits, they are cutting them loose and increasing the workload of the remaining employees. The corporations lobby against unionization so they can’t speak out for themselves and be safely heard and responded to. The Republicans and even some Democrats pass the legislation that allows for this to happen. The corporations contribute to the campaigns to make sure the legislators do what they want. The talking heads and pundits, who are in other media corporations’ pockets, spin it to make it look like it’s the American way and we should be proud that we live in a country where something like this is possible. “Yes, even you could one day become the CEO of Verizon and make millions in a single quarterly bonus! You don’t want that to not be possible, do you? This could be you!” The economy as a whole divides itself more and more and there’s little to stop it. It becomes political. It becomes personal. It’s a cynical view, but how far off from the truth is it?  (via PerSe1010)