Rage. Probably political rage. Maybe just personal rage. Lots of sarcasm and cynicism. Also pretty pictures.

Sign to demand that banks provide clear voter registration info to foreclosure victims before state deadlines:  http://missingvoters.org?sc=tws

Millions of Americans have lost their homes since the 2008 financial crisis began. This November, confusing laws and deceptive new rules may cost them their votes. Voter registration laws are different in each state, and new voting restrictions make it hard for voters to determine whether their registration status at their current or temporary address means they can successfully vote on Election Day.

PerSe1010: The right to vote is an inalienable right guaranteed to US Citizens by the Constitution. This RIGHT is being attacked by the very party that has been screaming “we love the Constitution” and accusing our current administration and opposing party members of not sharing in that “love” and in fact “decrying and denouncing” the Patriotic Values the GOP insists that their party embraces.

These Patriotic Conservative Constitution-Loving GOPers are passing legislation in numerous states across the country akin to the Jim Crow laws that allowed for poll taxes and literacy tests prior to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. All the while it is the GOP who has been found to have the highest incidence of voter fraud, which is their “go-to” reason for the creation of these disenfranchising Voter Suppression tactics, which, sadly, will mostly only affect those who are more likely to be a Minority or living in poverty and would more likely vote Democrat. 

Be sure to register to VOTE ASAP and check out Rebuild the Dream to learn more about how we can fight for Student Loan Relief and Support for Homeowners!