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Jensen Ackles  - Eye of the Tiger

JARED: We have Phil directing an episode, and Phil’s one of our directors that kinda let us have fun—improv a little bit, play around—and so the scene is I walk up with donuts and bang on the car and catch him kind of amping himself up, so they had this big shot set up, and they were like “And roll cameras, roll sound, and action!”. And I just kinda stood there, I was like, “I’m not going in, I wanna see what he does”, so I guess he didn’t have any idea, coz I didn’t tell anybody. so even Johnny, our first AD, was like, “Hey, hey, cue!” and I was like, “I know, I know, that’s fine”

JENSEN: So I’m sitting there in the front seat and hear the play back, the big speaker, and we’re outside. We’ve got extras walking down the street and cars flying by, and this whole thing. We got two cameras set up—which is why it’s edited together so a lot of people were like no way, they had multiple cameras set up, there was just two cameras set up—and so I’m sitting there, doing the drumming and he should have been here by now… something’s going on—why is he not—he should have stopped it—what’s that—well here come the words…the first line is rising up… That’s just too good. And then I just, I went with it, and then you notice maybe as I’m climbing out the car window that I kinda like, I start smiling and I almost started laughing and I turned and I’m like “No, keep going, keep going, you can do this”

“No, keep going, keep going, you can do this”

I appreciate Jensen’s commitment to his craft

of rocking

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