Rage. Probably political rage. Maybe just personal rage. Lots of sarcasm and cynicism. Also pretty pictures.



This morning my parents read an article from the Baltimore Sun about lawmakers in the Maryland General Assembly pushing to raise the dropout age to 17 by 2015 and 18 later on. Maryland Reporter writes: “The House of Delegates voted to increase the mandatory age Maryland children are required to…

Reasons are varied and may include: to find work, avoid bullying, family emergency, poor grades, depression, unexpected pregnancy, bad environment, lack of freedom, and boredom from lack of lessons relevant to the world of work.” 

Also: “It seems that the educational system in America is deeply flawed, so raising the drop out age won’t help. Students are forced into complacency as they must obey the teachers or be punished, follow the annoying bell schedule, have “patriotic” slogans pushed into their heads. Every student is almost peer-pressured to stand up to “pledge allegiance” to the flag of the United States of America. This is absurd, as people are pledging to false values (the country to does not stand for liberty and justice for all). These measures rob people of their individuality, making them like robots. The educational system must be democratized and then other problems could be solved.”