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My roommate and your Internet buddy Enjoli has been hospitalized since Wednesday the 25th with a combination pneumonia/infection from an abscess (I’ll let her share the gnarly details with you). As of last night she’s doing better, regaining her strength, having opinions about everything but she’s not at 100%. We’re hoping they’ll discharge her Tuesday, but it will be awhile before she’s fully recovered.

I set up a fundraising site because this is what we do for our weird Internet family. We help each other out when times get tough. To have Enjoli worry about medical bills after 5+ days in the hospital without insurance, and not working- when she should be concentrating on recovery just sucks. It’s stressful and it’s not fair.

So if you’re able, please donate what you can. Let people know who might like to help. Send her well wishes and let her know you’re thinking about her. Lets help Enjoli because you know she would do what she could for any of us in less than a heartbeat.

Thanks everyone.

Signal boost for a longtime Tumblrfriend and truly good peeps.

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    Too many of us are in the same situation. Donate or signal boost please.
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    Help out a friend in need.
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    Enjoli is a tumblr pal of mine and I would really appreciate it if you donated!
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    Please donate, if you can!
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    We heart our Enjoli!
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